"There's nothing in space. It's all black, like opening your eyes under the ocean in the night." Sari's eyes looked out of vessel's bay window. Enkidu, the Alqouraz Empire's elite messenger ships, was floating in solitude in a nameless galaxy. It held the keys to Alqouraz's victory, a victory of a war that has lasted far too long.

"You'd best get back to your post Sari." Officer Gerhald walked into the lounge bay. "You could be searching for signals rather than stars." "What are the chances that someone, something, recieves our distress signal? We've been out here for countless months, searching and praying for any signs of life." She looked at Gerhalt, "I guess this -was- a suicide mission." "Don't talk like that. Even if our people are doomed, we still do what we can, what we have been trained to do." He opened the bay doors. "Meeting at the bridge. Come on." "Yes sir." Sari and Gerhald left the lounge bay.

Under a cold blue light, Sari, Gerhald, the other officers, and the Commander of Enkidu met. They all held their own space around the bridge, facing towards the center. The Commander stood. His arms crossed, showing off his mysterious tribal tattooes in a foreboding manner. His husky, booming voice shook the room. "We are not lost." Eyes were wide with surprise. "What? How do you know?" said Officer Rein. "Watch your tounge Rein." Reminded Gerhalt. "Do not talk to the Commander like that." "Well mark me for death, but I'd like to know why we've been floating in God knows where for God knows how many weeks." The Commander layed out a wide piece of cardboard on the deck, with arcs and lines crossing all over it. "Since we've turned off the holodesk to save power consumption, I've been working with Gerhalt trying to pin point our exact location." Gerhalt stepped forward, "We're in Nebula Qao, Sector A8, Region 2. Based on samples analyzed by Professor Ken, there should be a hospitable satillite planet coming in our due course." The Commander stepped in, "We'll be landing in 8 cycles time." Rein punched the walls, "You can't be fucking serious! We're in no condition to risk the ship, let alone The Javalin." "We have no choice. We will make due in the satillite planet, surviving using the resources avaliable, until an alliance ship picks up our distress." Rein stared at the ground. He knew he didn't have the authority to decide otherwise for the ship. Ultimately it was the Commander's ship, not his. He looked up back at the officers and the commander. "Understood Commander." The Commander looked at everyone. "Good. Any other comments?" No one said anything. "Look alive men, we're going to land her." He approached the bay doors. "Rein, next time you disrespect Enkidu by giving her a punch, I'll snap your neck in half." He walked off. The officers disbanded, returning to their post.