Minuit à Sousse

"I wish this night would never end." Aliya said. She closed her eyes as a cool breeze washed over her. Asad rolled his eyes, "And what would become of the day?" Aliya turned to him and slowly opened her eyes, "It would be awestuck by this moon's beauty." He looked away, intimedated by her breathtaking beauty. He took in the sea air in a deep breath. Not many people could visit the town of Sousse during the summer months. It would usually be flocked by tourists, for their wallets were heavier than Asad's citizenship. The bayside resturaunt was a cozy one, especially outside in the balcony with jasmine and the Nightingale of the Nile filling the air. Asad dipped his croissant into his tea and took a bite. "You know, as much as I dislike the French for overrunning this place, I really appreciate them for showing us the croissant." Aliya laughed. "Aliya, you know how much you mean to me." He held Aliya's hand as gently as a rose. "You are like the moon and sun to me." She blussed, but kept looking at his sincere eyes. "I know I haven't gotten much, but I wanted to give..." She covered her hands onto him. "I think my father's here."

"Monsieur, I am afraid I cannot let you in here." The voice came from above Asad and Aliya's balcony, where the attendees are admitted in. "You deny a diplomat entrance into a resturaunt in his own province?" The greenhorn bowed, embarrassed by his lack of experience. The diplomat continued walking, the sound of his suade shoes stomping onto the ground. His entourage followed with the same authority, smacking their shoes onto the establishment. "We have to leave before my dad finds out!" Asad quickly stood up and looked around, seeing the faces of fellow couples looking back at him. "I have an idea." He grabbed Aliya's hand and led her toward the edge of the balcony. "Are you crazy?" "Don't worry, it's only a few feet until you hit the sand." The suade shoes started hitting the steps. "Oh God!" "Come on, you'll be ok. Your family might do worse." She took off her sandles, closed her eyes, and jumped. A soft splash of sand echoed toward the balcony. The diplomat sharply turned toward Asad. "ASAD!" "Oh shit!" Asad quickly jumped down, grabbing Aliya's hand as soon as he landed. "You fools, go after them!" the diplomat commanded, but it was too late. Asad and Aliya were already making lefts and rights in the midnight souk. "Asad, slow down!" Aliya cried, but Asad couldn't stop. The thrill of traversing the souk at such a pace was like a kid running around in a playground. Down alleyways of spice shops and coral jewelry booths, they suddenly came out from one of the southern exits, toward the sea yet again.

Aliya fell onto the sand. She was silent for a moment. Then she started to giggle, followed by a laugh. "I haven't felt like that in such a long time!" Asad smiled and fell down onto the sand, laying his head on her. "That's what I call a morning rush." He got up and turned to her. She met his eyes once again. He reached for his pocket and took out an emerald ring. "Asad..." "It's been passed down in my family for many generations. It's probably our most valued treasure. Yet it cannot compare to you." She started to tear, but Asad hugged her before any of it could come out. He playfully pulled her down onto the sand as they looked at the nightsky. "Beautiful" Aliya said. Asad stayed silent, counting the blessings this moment contained. There was a sweet absence of sound between them, almost like the moment before a child goes to sleep. He then turned to her. "Doesn't the moon look like a croissant?" She laughed.