The Missing Note

"Shit. It sounds like utter shit". The words were like dull daggers to Jane's heart, but she knew Ms. Carol's criticism was not personal. "When you hit the notes, do not strike them with precision, but with emotion." Ms. Carol lifted her ciggarette with elegence, took a slow puff and blew it up toward her humble ceiling. She lightly scratched her forehead with her thumb. "In order to convey the piece of music, you must first internalize it within yourself. Then you reflect your thoughts through the notes you play." Jane nodded. She rested her hands in standard position. With a slow breath, she started the piece again.

"Mmm, yes. That's it." Jane's fingers danced along the keys. She closed her eyes, hitting the notes effortlessly. "Don't get carried away." warned Ms. Carol, but Jane was already in a different world. She started to improvise, adding her own personality to the piece. It was a bittersweet and somber take on the classical piece, usually meant for happy occasions. Suddenly, she hit an off note. "Stop stop stop." Ms. Carol got up from her seat. "If you played with anymore heart you'd burst. Take a five minute break." Ms. Carol patted her dress, and walked off. Jane closed the keys to the piano. A tear rippled down her cheek and lightly tore onto the piano cover. "That was John's favorite part." She closed her eyes again.